2018 Run for Clarity wrap-up

It has been a while since the Run for Clarity 2018 has been mentioned. Not that our associates forgot about it but there was much talk about design, architecture, awards, arts, and events that the runs became a bit quiet. They were, however, by no means forgotten. Let’s have a look at the 2018 Run for Clarity wrap-up.

Run for Clarity wrap-up India Jhagadia DSC_2540

Associates around the world continued to gather to raise awareness to facilitate access to clean water and to educate teams and themselves about the Clarity Water filters and their benefits for people in rural areas who do not have ready access to clean drinkable water.

Run for Clarity wrap-up vietnam1

Putting on running shoes in various places around the world, associates added valuable kilometers to fulfill the pledge of running twice the circumference of the earth or 80,125 kilometers in total. Once the grand total is clocked in, Kohler Company will distribute Clarity Water filters to families in rural areas around the world.

Run for Clarity wrap-up Shanghai Star IMG_1663

Associates in all corners of the world participated and showed their passion and support for this year’s activity. In the 2018 Run for Clarity wrap-up, we heard from teams in New Zealand, Thailand, France, Brazil, Malaysia, India, Mexico, Morocco, Vietnam, China, and Taiwan, in addition to the teams that had run earlier.

Run for Clarity wrap-up Mexico 1

Their kilometers will help to bring the Clarity Water filters to people without clean water in their home and help alleviate the hardship of fetching water from faraway sources. Additionally, it will lower the risk of getting sick or missing school or work.

Run for Clarity wrap-up Auckland IMG_3

The teams have joined their associates who ran earlier in the year to complete the pledge. The solidarity shown from the associates during the 2018 Run for Clarity wrap-up to help achieve not only this goal but work towards reaching the UN Sustainable Development Goal No. 6, i heartwarming.

Run for Clarity wrap-up Belvoye_DSC0030

Similarly, to the 2017 Clarity water filter donation, the 2018 filters will go where they are most needed. Together with a non-profit partner Kohler Company will go to the areas that are most affected and most difficult to access potable water.

Run for Clarity wrap-up Indonesia 4
Run for Clarity wrap-up Bangkok global IMG_7520

Stay to tuned for news from remote places where the stylish Clarity Water filters are changing lives and from our passionate associates.