Run for Clarity Bangkok 2018

A recent study and video showed that Bangkok, Thailand, has fewer green spaces for its inhabitants compared to other mega-cities in the world. However, on 7 October 2018 when the Bangkok associates, their families, and friends gathered for the Run for Clarity Bangkok at the Forrest Benchakitti Park Phase I that is almost in downtown Bangkok, one had a hard time to believe it.  Run for Clarity Bangkok DSC_0173Surrounded by lush vegetation, trees, and green spaces, the 300 participants of the 2018 Run for Clarity Bangkok started their early Sunday morning with fun warm-up activities, lots of photo opportunities, and some cooler temperatures (than later in the day).  Run for Clarity Bangkok DSC_0292The Run for Clarity brought them all out to the park to help raise awareness of the lack of clean drinking water in rural areas around the world. Families, including kids, in these communities, must walk an average of five kilometers per day to fetch water for their loved ones. The water is often not clean and dangerous to the health of the consumers. The long way to get it is frequently also the reason that children are unable to go to school, family members become ill and cannot attend to other work.  Run for Clarity Bangkok DSC_0220In its second year, the Run for Clarity is a charity run of the Kohler Company taking place from June to end of October 2018 to accumulate a total of 80,125 kilometers or the double of the circumference of the earth. Once this distance is achieved, the company pledged to donate Clarity Water filters to disadvantaged families in several countries around the world to help alleviate the hardship of accessing clean drinking.  Run for Clarity Bangkok DSC_0587The easy-to-use Clarity Water filters provide up to 40 liters of purified, potable water for households, schools, and health care centers. They help the impoverished population to lessen their burden of searching for drinking water and giving them dignity by providing enough water to wash themselves and their clothes. As the Clarity Water filters do not require any electricity, they are simple to set up in any surrounding and can be put to work immediately.  Run for Clarity Bangkok DSC_0116The team in Bangkok ran more than 1,500 kilometers and added a valuable mileage to the overall distance. Their contribution is a step closer to achieving the set goal. Apart from that, the Sunday morning activity in the City of Angels was also fun and a great way to connect with co-workers in a leisurely setting.  Run for Clarity Bangkok DSC_0595

The Benchakitti Park Phase I is a beautiful area to enjoy a run, walk, and relaxing activities with family, friends, and colleagues.

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