Run for Clarity China accumulates valuable kilometers

September was a busy month for our stewardship activity Run for Clarity. Associate teams all over China were running and walking various distances to contribute kilometers in the Run for Clarity China to the overall goal of the 2018 Run for Clarity objective of reaching 80,150 kilometers.   Run for Clarity China foushan8Recently, colleagues from Changshu, Shanghai, Zhuhai, Zhongshan, Beijing, and Foshan have added to the record.  With the run and their activities, they raise the awareness of lack of clean drinking water in rural areas in China and around the world.  Run for Clarity China Beijing4In the north, associates participated in the Run for Clarity that they organized in the Minyun Olympic Park northeast of Beijing. 65 persons ran a total of 325 kilometers while taking in the sights of the former Olympic park.  Run for Clarity China changshu6In the Yangtze River Delta, 172 runners and walkers were accumulating 860 kilometers around Kuncheng Lake in Changshu, a city about one and a half hours north of Shanghai, near Suzhou.  Run for Clarity China sk7Another Shanghai team went northeast of the city to the Baoshan Industrial Park where sea, water, and railways connect and about 30% of this special zone is greenery that makes running a pleasant pastime. 90 participants added 450 kilometers and had a fun time.  Run for Clarity China 1537326280490Further south near Hong Kong and Macau, associates gathered in Zhongshan, Zhuhai, and Foshan for the Run for Clarity China. They didn’t tackle the newly opened Hong Kong Zhuhai Macau bridge but put an impressive number of kilometers on the pavement and towards the overall goal.  Run for Clarity China zhongshan10In Zhongshan alone, more than 240 people ran and walked over 1,200 kilometers at Xiao Lang Huan Park early in the morning. The park is adjacent to the Foraminifera Sculpture Park where runners also had a chance to gaze at oversized fossil sea creatures.  Run for Clarity China zhuhai2While these team ran in urban parks and areas, they did an excellent job of raising awareness of lack of clean drinking water in many rural areas and the challenge for many families who must walk long distances to find potable water for their households.   Run for Clarity China IMG_5303Once the 80,150 kilometers are achieved at the end of October, Kohler Company will donate Clarity Water filters that will be sent to these remote areas to help alleviate the hardship of collecting clean water for everyday use.  Run for Clarity China fushan4

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