Run for Clarity Zibo and other celebrations

Our team in Zibo, China, has just finished an important contribution of kilometers for the Run for Clarity 2018. The Run for Clarity Zibo with more than 320 associates running on two dates in August and September added much-needed kilometers to the overall goal of achieving 80,150 kilometers by the end of October.  Run for Clarity Zibo zibo20The associates of the vitreous plant in Zibo, an important ceramic manufacturing hub in Eastern China, has a lot more to celebrate. At the beginning of the year, the plant was awarded the Sam Davis Award for ‘Best Plant 2017’ and the Frank Williams Award for ‘Most improved plant 2017’.  Run for Clarity Zibo Zibo Plant 4These two awards were only given one other time to one single factory at the same time in the 13 years of their existence. The plant met several outstanding criteria to be selected among them was ‘Zero is Possible’ – the pledge, commitment, and achievement of being accident-free.  Run for Clarity Zibo zibo9The same diligence and attention to detail were given to the recent Run for Clarity Zibo. The runners and walkers forewent the comfort of their homes or a visit to the probable world’s largest China ceramics museum in the city to participate in the charity run.  Run for Clarity Zibo zibo4It was no easy feat because Zibo is surrounded by gentle hills and completing the attempted kilometers meant to run a few times up and a few times down the streets and paths. The resilient associates could not be stopped to help raise the awareness of accessing clean drinking water in rural areas of the world.  Run for Clarity Zibo zibo10With their contribution, Kohler Company is a step closer to achieving the ambitious objective set and the promise to donate Clarity Water filters to families in need in China and other places in the world.  Run for Clarity Zibo zibo122018 is another milestone in the factory’s history as the plant just turned ten. Management and associates celebrated the anniversary with an open house in May.  Run for Clarity Zibo Zibo Plant 6While they acknowledged their success at the plant, the solidarity also extended to people in need of support. The large turn-out of runners who tackled the Run for Clarity distance is an attest to that.  Run for Clarity Zibo zibo15

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