Run for Clarity Cheltenham – walk in the park

The Kohler and Mira office and factory in Cheltenham, UK, rallied up associates for the Run for Clarity Cheltenham on 7 September 2018.  Run for Clarity gloucestershire-107520_640147 persons from all departments followed the call and participated in the charity run and walk to raise awareness of the lack of drinking water in many rural areas around the world. Those who were not able to join the group at the Pittville Park on that day ran their five kilometers or more in their respective homes and locations.  Run for Clarity Cheltenham IMG_4537Cheltenham known for its cultural renaissance and Victorian architecture is the gateway to the Cotswold, an 800-square mile area comprising of five counties. A mere two hours away from London, Cheltenham and its residential suburb Pittville is a picturesque location for a walk or a run.   Run for Clarity Cheltenham IMG_4423The former private estate of Pittville was built in 1824. The Pittville Pump was designed by the local architect John Forbes. The 33-hectare parkland with ornamental lakes and bridges from the mid-19th century was first created an exclusive spa.  Run for Clarity Cheltenham IMG_4548And during the Run for Clarity Cheltenham, some of our associates may have felt that they were enjoying a spa treatment in the fresh, clean air of the park. The vast natural beauty reminded all participants how fortunate they are and how important it is to support people in other parts of the world where clean, drinking water is not a given.  Run for Clarity Cheltenham IMG_4395Some of the families must walk an average of five kilometers to access water wells or holes and often the water is not very clean. The contribution of the Cheltenham team of a significant number of kilometers will bring us closer to the overall goal of running and walking more than 80,150 kilometers during the Run for Clarity until the end of October 2018.   Run for Clarity Cheltenham IMG_4483Once achieved Kohler Company will collaborate with non-profit organizations to bring Clarity Water filters to the communities who need the clean drinking water the most. With this charity activity, more than 40,000 people will benefit from clean water.  Run for Clarity england-1860977_640The Cheltenham team joined Kohler in 2001. The team produces and markets sanitary wares under the brands Kohler UK, Mira, and Rada.  Run for Clarity Cheltenham IMG_4501