Run for Clarity Singapore 2018 – empathy in the rain

When drinking water is unavailable in your home, you will go out in any kind of weather to find it regardless of the distance, the heat, the cold, or the rain. Our team in Singapore helped raise awareness of these facts on 2 September 2018 when they gathered to run for a good cause: Run for Clarity Singapore.  Run for Clarity Singapore IMG_9274Family, friends, and pets joined the fun run to contribute valuable kilometers to the overall goal of achieving a total of 80,150 kilometers by the end of October. Once this goal is achieved, Kohler Co. will donate the much-needed Clarity Water filters to families in rural areas around the world where – at the moment – they have to go out in the worst of weather conditions to find and provide this life source for their loved ones.  Run for Clarity Singapore IMG_20180903_184014_088With the Run for Clarity 2018 charitable activity supported by the company and enthusiastically carried out by the associates, 40,000 people will be helped to ease their burden of overcoming the obstacles of weather and distance to get fresh, drinkable water.  Run for Clarity Singapore IMG_9275The water filters can provide up to 40 liters of water per day produced from rainwater or river water that can be collected near the places these families live. It will provide a healthier lifestyle with fewer illnesses and increase the chances that the children can attend school instead of having to carry water from far away sources.  Run for Clarity Singapore IMG_20180903_184014_111While the participants of the Run for Clarity Singapore could have stayed indoors, gone shopping or sightseeing at the covered Marina Bay Sands, ran out for a massage or indulge in a spa day, or get their culture fix at one of the many museums, they came out to Chinatown to tackle a run through the deserted roads of the old city and finally convening in front of the KOHLER Experience Center Singapore and the offices.  Run for Clarity Singapore 3

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