Walk for Clarity in Kohler’s spring weather

It might have been too cold this past April in Kohler, Wisconsin, to run and fetch water outdoors. It was, however, a great day to walk. As a recreational activity between workshops and meetings, the Kohler Executive Management Team took a one-mile walk around the Kohler Village in Wisconsin, USA.   Walk for Clarity aac19720Now during summer, the April weather looks refreshing and maybe even a bit appealing, but back then probably one or the other took the leisurely stroll up a notch to get back inside faster.  Walk for Clarity aac19814[1]The walk served as the kick-off of the 2018 Run for Clarity campaign that officially started on 1 June 2018 with the purpose to raise awareness of accessing clean drinking water.   Walk for Clarity aac19817[1]Too many people around the world lack access to potable water and would walk any distance in any weather condition to be able to get clean water for their families. With the Clarity water filters, families in rural areas can hopefully reduce their walks to wells that are far away by many miles. The water sources they have access to often contain water that is not safe to drink.   Walk for Clarity zab92555_rgb-SThe simple water filtration system that uses a ceramic core and doesn’t require any electricity or power can provide up to 40 liters of drinking water per day or in other words the supply for a small family.
The Kohler Executive Management Team supports the Run for Clarity initiative with their contribution of kilometers to the grand total of 80,125 kilometers and through their commitment and support of the water filters initiative.   Walk for Clarity aac19821[1]The filters have been distributed to 25 countries around the world and almost 200,000 filters have been sold since the start of the production. In 2018 alone, over 100,000 filters have been sold. The response from the markets is overwhelmingly positive and there is a lot of demand for the ceramic core replacements so that the families can safely continue to use Clarity water filters.   Walk for Clarity aac19718

You can learn about Kohler’s Run for Clarity here.