Run for Clarity Beijing – preparing for the big sports events

The Kohler associates in Beijing turned their contribution to the Run for Clarity challenge that takes place between 1 June and 31 October 2018 into a load of fun. The group of 13 athletes added valuable kilometers to the overall goal of achieving 80,125 kilometers within the time period to help to bring safe water to rural areas.  Run for Clarity Beijing IMG_4337It is also possible that the runners – once done with their runs –  were secretly starting to prepare for the upcoming international sports competitions that are coming up in Beijing, the most populous capital city in the world. In 2019, FIBA will hold the Basketball World Cup in the People’s Republic of China capital.  Run for Clarity Beijing IMG_4355Running and basketball might not be quite as useful for the 2022 Winter Olympics that will mark Beijing as the only city in the world that ever hosted both summer and winter games. However, one never knows.  Run for Clarity Beijing china-1151081_640While the Run for Clarity doesn’t have such ambitious goals as the Olympics or the World Cup participation in mind, the purpose of the run is no less important. The running challenge is a way to raise awareness around the world that 1.6 million people are still facing a daily challenge to access clean drinking water.  Run for Clarity Beijing aab91723The Clarity water filters with its easy water filtration system through a ceramic core are a simple way to help families in rural areas or victims of natural disasters who don’t have easy access to clean water. The filters provide up to 40 liters of clean, drinkable water per day. This year’s Run for Clarity will help bring more filters to families in need.  Run for Clarity Beijing IMG_4352Once the running distance of the global stewardship activity achieved, Kohler Company will work with Connect for Water to provide 40,000 people with safe water.  Run for Clarity Beijing beijing-596026_640As Beijing is changing quickly from an ancient city to an ultramodern metropolis with some of the highest skyscrapers on the planet, the Run for Clarity might have almost as much impact for these poor people. Every kilometer towards the overall goal counts and more and more associates, family members, and friends are running and keep running.  Run for Clarity Beijing IMG_4361

Run for Clarity Beijing beijing-2544682_640

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