Run for Clarity 2018 kicks off in South Korea

Last year’s first-ever Run for Clarity initiative was a huge success with Kohler associates running globally for a good cause. To continue the euphoria and further help people in need, a new round of runs is planned for 2018. The running challenge kicked off with the Clarity Run South Korea on 16 June 2018 at Sangam World Cup Park in Seoul.  Clarity Run South Korea _33A5726In the first Run for Clarity Kohler associates pledged to run an accumulative 40,075 kilometers and exceeded all expectations. The donation of 5,000 Clarity water filters was shipped and will soon arrive at different destinations where the filters will help people in rural areas to gain access to drinkable water where it is otherwise quite challenging or impossible.  Clarity Run South Korea _33A5812The Kohler associates love to help and readily adopted a new challenge to double the total running distance for this year’s run. Many people who don’t have access to clean drinking water have to walk long distances under difficult conditions to fetch water and carry it back to their homes. Remembering this ordeal, the Run for Clarity runners will run further and longer to raise more awareness and to accumulate 80,125 kilometers in total for a new shipment of Clarity water filters. This stewardship activity will help alleviate the hardship so many families in these rural areas experience.  Clarity Run South Korea 631In Seoul, more than 1,500 participants joined the Clarity Run South Korea. The number of runners doubled from the event last year. As in the previous year, a group of disabled and challenged people was among the runners who joined the fun run. The challenge offered three running distances: 12 km, 7 km, and 3 km.  In total, they ran: 10,681 kilometers.   Clarity Run South Korea DSC_2762The South Korea running challenge served several purposes: promoting sporting activities in general including walking, raising awareness about the access to clean water and Clarity water filters, and raising funds to sponsor eight bidet seats for five mental health facilities. There were plenty of opportunities to have fun, take pictures, and hang out with friends and families.  Clarity Run South Korea 097

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