Run for Clarity, Shanghai – run again

The commitment of our team in Shanghai, China, is astounding. On 27 October 2017, 40 runners ran another 200 kilometers in our running challenge ‘Run for Clarity’ where we aim to accumulate 40,075 kilometers in total and have at least 5,000 people run and walk.Run for Clarity Shanghai China
Once the goal is achieved in a few days, we will collaborate with World Vision and other NGOs to bring 5,000 Clarity water filters to areas in the world where access to clean drinking water is a challenge.Run for Clarity Shanghai runners group
The Clarity water filters will facilitate the access to clean water right in their homes where people can fill the filter tops with rainwater, reservoir or well water. The water trickles down through the ceramic core into the container below and is immediately drinkable.Clarity water filter and glass
We are thrilled that so many associates, family members and friends participated in this challenge to help alleviate access to clean water.Clarity Water filters in China

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