Run for Clarity, Brownwood, TX – no strangers to floods

Welcome to Brownwood TX signSmack in the middle of Texas sits the small community of Brownwood. Our associates, their families and friends who work in our factory nearby are no strangers to floods that occur from time to time when the Pecan Bayou, one of the five tributaries of the Colorado River, overflows. They can easily relay to the hardship of getting clean drinking water.Pecan Bayou river
For the Run for Clarity, on 21 October 2017, 64 runners helped raise awareness about the challenges of accessing clean water around the world whether due to natural disasters or in general due to the lack of clean drinking water in local communities.Run for Clarity Brownwood TX
In total, the team ran 320 kilometers and added valuable mileage to our total goal of running a total of 40,075 kilometers or the circumference of the earth in our running challenge. Run for Clarity Brownwood tx runnerIn addition, not only the kilometers count but the number of people who run. To achieve, the objective of 5,000 runners, it is great to see our associates’ participation from all parts of the world.Run for Clarity Brownwood TX runners

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