Run for Clarity, Passel and Reims, France – every runner and kilometer counts

Our team of 15 persons was running in Passel and Reims, France, on 17 September and 8 October 2017 to accumulate 112 kilometers for our overall global Run for Clarity goal of 40,075 kilometers or the circumference of the earth.Run for Clarity Reims runners

One of the runners used this challenge as a training ground for his upcoming marathon.Run for Clarity Reims marathon runner
The runners had joined the race ‘Run in Reims’, an activity during the month ‘Octobre Rose’ with the objective to raise the awareness of breast cancer and help raise funds for research for the prevention of the disease. Hence, the slight digression from the running outfits, sporting beautiful pink shirts.Run for Clarity Reims crowd

The village of Passel is about 90 kilometers from Paris. The city of Reims, a 129 kilometers northeast of Paris, dates back to the Roman times. Today, it is renowned for its Champagne production. And our runners certainly deserved a glass or two of the bubbly for their achievements.Run for Clarity Reims runner

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