Run for Clarity, Monterrey – 848km added to the grand total

According to a recent Mercer study, Monterrey, has the highest quality of life in Mexico. Run for Clarity Monterrey Mexico startThe city near the US border (200 kilometers from South Texas) is the ninth largest city in the country with a mix of cutting-edge contemporary architecture and traditional structures. Since 1882, the year that Monterrey was connected to the train line to the US, it has been a great place for foreign investment.Monterrey Mexico viewIt is hardly a sleepy town, rather the poster child of the 19th and 20th century industrial age with lots of international corporations. Run for Clarity Monterrey Mexico runnersThis city at the foothills of the Sierra Madre Oriental is bustling with activities and its citizens are quite active and enjoying outdoor sports in the pleasant year-round temperatures.Monterrey Mexico downtown nightFor the Run for Clarity, 206 associates, families and friends opted for a run or walk on 8 October 2017 rather than playing football, soccer or baseball.Run for Clarity Monterrey Mexico runnersThe group accumulated 848 kilometers and had a whole lot of fun with games, challenges, prizes and lots of socializing.Monterrey Mexico panorama

Source: some pictures are courtesy of mexiconewsnetwork, sologuide, iberia, and

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