Run for Clarity, Dole, France – run for fun and a good cause

October is the time of the year for harvesting fruit and vegetables in this region. However, on 8 October 2017, our team from the Belvoye factory in Dole, France, that produces sanitary ware for Jacob Delafon and Sanjura went out for a run in the Parc des Vernaux in Tavaux.Parc des Vernaux in Tavaux deer96 associates, family members and friends participated in the Run for Clarity on this beautiful fall morning in the park. The park and an animal park within it are about five kilometers from the city of Dole. Run for Clarity Dole groupDole, formerly Dolla under Roman reign, is a located in eastern France between the cities of Dijon and Besançon on the Doubs River, near the Swiss border.Dole, France - streetThe riverside town is surrounded by forests and open country. In the center of the city, a 16th-century Gothic-style Collegiale church attracts tourists and citizens alike. Dole, France - churchThe main industries around Dole are food processing, clothing manufacturing, electronics, sanitary porcelain, and chemicals production. While there is not a huge tourist industry, the inhabitants of the Jura region enjoy the outdoors and sports. Run for Clarity Dole - children runningSo, our runners took to the tracks in the Parc de Vernaux and ran for a good cause; namely to help accumulate a total of 40,075 kilometers or the circumference of the Earth to complete our running challenge that will result in the distribution of 5,000 Clarity water filters to families in need in countries where access to clean drinking water is a challenge.Run for Clarity Dole, runnersThe group added 815 kilometers to the grand total. Thank you all for coming out and participating.

Source: some photos are courtesy of the Ville Tavaux, France.