Run for Clarity in Armstrong – family and friends run too

Armstrong, Canada480 kilometers from Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, the City of Armstrong in the beautiful Spallumcheen valley was bathed in beautiful pre-fall light and sported pleasant temperatures on 10 September 2017.
Run for Clarity Armstrong, Canada groupIt was the ideal day to hold the Hytec Family and Friends Open House. As bear watching is not that popular within the city limits (population 4,342 humans, not sure how many bears) and campfires are still banned to prevent wildfires, the organizers decided to jazz up the event with the Run for Clarity.Run for Clarity, Armstrong, Canada109 walkers and runners participated in the charity run and accumulated 950 kilometers towards our goal of reaching 40,075 kilometers by the end of October 2017 and to bring – with the help of NGOs – 5,000 Clarity water filters to areas in the world where access to clean drinking water is difficult. The citizens of Armstrong and the Hytec associates also know a thing or two about water conservation as the area is prone to droughts and wildfires. Run for Clarity Armstrong, CanadaThe participants felt doubly committed to join the run to help reduce the misery of not having enough and clean water.Run for Clarity Armstrong Canada young runnerThe city of Armstrong named after a British financier who funded a railway project in 1892 was founded in 1913 – just a year after the Kohler village in Wisconsin, USA. Armstrong, CanadaIt consists of many buildings that pre-date 1930 and gets quite cold in the winter time. December averages are around -7 degrees Celsius. Besides agriculture, logging, ranching, and tourism, Armstrong is the home of Hytec Plumbing Products that has been a Kohler brand since 1987. Armstrong, CanadaThe more than 200 associates at the plant manufacture gelcoat and acrylic bathtubs, showers, bath/showers, modular bathing systems, and shower receptors.Run for Clarity Armstrong Canada runners

Source: some photos are courtesy of Hellobc

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