Run for Clarity returns to locations in China

In August and September 2017, the Run for Clarity returned to more locations in China.
Run for Clarity Zhongshan

Run for Clarity Zhongshan201 Zhongshan team members ran the distance of 2,331 kilometers on 26 August. Two days after, 140 runners achieved 700 kilometers in the outskirts of Beijing.Run for Clarity Beijing
Run for Clarity BeijingOn 1 September 2017, the Shanghai Kohler Electronics team ran with 120 participants for a total of 600 kilometers. Run for Clarity Shanghai

Run for Clarity ShanghaiA group of 250 runners in Foshan didn’t stop until they reached 2,500 kilometers to contribute to our overall goal of 40,075 kilometers or the equivalent of the earth circumference.Run for Clarity Foshan
Run for Clarity FoshanThe same day 28 runners hit the pavement in Hangzhou and accumulated another 140 kilometers.Run for Clarity HangzhouThe Shanghai team loved the run so much that they were back on the streets on 15 September when they completed 314 additional kilometers.Run for Clarity Shanghai
Run for Clarity ShanghaiJust a day later, 200 runners accumulated a distance of 1,000 kilometers in Zhuhai.

Run for Clarity Zhuhai

Run for Clarity ZhuhaiOn 21 September 160 athletes in Changshu got the running bug and added 800 kilometers to our grand total.Run for Clarity Changshu
Run for Clarity ChangshuThe Run for Clarity with its goal to reach the total kilometers of 40,075 kilometers or a participation of 5,000 employees, friends, family members, and business partners is so far a huge success and with no end is in view. More runs are planned in the US, Brazil, India, and elsewhere in the world.

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