Run for Clarity kicked off in South Korea

Run for Clarity South KoreaOur global initiative Run for Clarity kicked off in South Korea in June 2017. An overwhelming number of participants – namely 1,000 runners tackled the 5km respectively 10km course in Yeouido Han River park.Run for Clarity South Korea 5kmThe kilometers run by our associates will count towards the goal of accumulating 40,075 kilometers. These kilometers represent the Earth circumference which in turn is symbolic for this global campaign.
We encourage a minimum to 5,000 associates to run for at least five kilometers each. Kohler Clarity logoWhen we reach the goal, we will collaborate with known non-profit organizations to handle the distribution of 5,000 Clarity Water Filters to areas where access to clean water is a challenge or non-existent. We strive to help families to improve their living and health conditions.Clarity Water Filters CambodiaOver the course of the next few months, we will regularly publish the progress we are making towards our goal and share impressions and snapshots of the runs organized all over the world. Stay tuned for more news.Run for Clarity South Korea participants